Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fun at the Fair

The Washington Town & Country Fair is an annual event that we have been going to since we could walk.  It is no exception for our boys.  They braved the heat to have a little fun.

Tyler was not impressed with this ride before it started moving.

A little better...

It is a bit hot out here to ride this little train...

Daddy had the day off to spend with us too!  Nathan and Daddy stayed in the shade and tried to stay cool. 

On to Agriland - Tyler's favorite! 

Talking through some scenario.  I love his imagination!

A little corn mixed with sweat. :)

A bit of fair food and we were headed home to cool off and take naps!  Have I ever said how much I love that my boys currently nap at the same time - usually for at least 2 hours! 

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