Friday, December 16, 2011

The Real Santa!

While in NYC, we thought it was a MUST to see what I believe is the real Santa at the flagship Macy's on 34th Street.  

They had a whole Santaland set up that you weaved your way through.  It was neat and I suppose you get to see a lot of it if you have to wait in line but since we went on a Tuesday at 2 in the afternoon, we zipped right up to see the Big Man.

Some of the elaborate decorations.

Prepping to see Santa!

Santa's list for the sleigh. kidding Santa!  I buy those bad boys in bulk!

Our version of the photo.
Tyler was not scared of him at all.  He just kept looking at Santa...kind of in awe! 
Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas and Tyler just stared at him.  When Santa asked him if he wanted books...Tyler's response was "yep."  Trucks?..."okay."  "Trains?"..."alright."  Santa told us he was the most agreeable child he had seen all day. :)

We didn't exactly get a smile out of Tyler but a quality photo nonetheless.  I just had to purchase it (along with the rights to the photo so I could print/share as I wish)! 

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