Sunday, December 11, 2011

New York, New York: 2nd Half of Day 2

We got off the double decker bus at the Central Park stop and decided to head to FAO Schwarz.   We figured with a two year old, we had to go to one of the world's most famous toy stores.  (Amazingly we got out of the store without purchasing anything!  We didn't want to have to pack it for the flight home.)  Jeff also wanted to see Tyler dance on the piano just like Tom Hanks did in the movie "BIG."  Luckily the line for the big piano was short.  Tyler loved, loved, loved dancing on it! 

Warning: Daddy took a whole lot of pictures!  These are just a few of them...



For only (total sarcasm here) $250,000 we could have taken this piano home.  Who buys these toys for their kids?

Next up was the famed Carousel in Central Park.  Tyler loves carousels. 
Tyler would occasionally yell "Giddy up horsey!" and "Yee-haw!"

Mommy got to ride too since Tyler is not old enough to ride by himself.

I love this one!

Clapping for the great ride. 

A walk on Daddy's shoulders through Central Park. 

Next up was the playground in Central Park and swings!

And slides!

We then walked Fifth Avenue to see the Christmas windows and St. Patrick's Cathedral.  We didn't have the stroller as the double decker bus didn't allow them (too big) so Tyler spent a lot of time on Daddy's shoulders.  I absolutely love this photo of the two of them.  Tyler was tuckered out. 

After a trip back to the apartment and we headed back to Times Square to catch the double decker bus again for the Night/Holiday Lights tour.  Tyler once again spotted "Elmo and Cookie."

I have not mastered night time photos on a moving vehicle yet with the fancy camera so this is really my only picture of the night.  I made attempts at several others, but unfortunately they didn't turn out so great.

My favorite part of this day (and possibly the trip) will have to wait for another post as I didn't have my camera ready.  Luckily, my dad did so I will have to get the pictures from him.  I know, I know...the suspense is killing you.  Totally kidding! 

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