Friday, December 2, 2011

Final Mizzou Big 12 Football Games

I was not happy about Mizzou's move out of the Big 12 Conference into the SEC, but will learn to deal with it.  It could result in some fun vacations to watch the Tigers play in the years to come. We took Tyler to the last two Big 12 games of the season at Mizzou.  I think he went to a total of 4 games this year and is such a trooper.   He has the M-I-Z...Z-O-U cheer down pat and knows the fight song.  Jeff is often jealous of his Mizzou wardrobe as he has a lot of gear.   It is just so much more fun to buy in his size that it is either of ours. :)

Tyler watching football and Grandpa watching Tyler. :)

He didn't exactly get a nap during the game, but did get a bit of chill time in...texting. 

Back to watching the game with Grandpa. 

Now we are ready for basketball and the Tigers are looking promising to start the season!  

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