Saturday, December 24, 2011

Making Christmas Cookies w/ Aunt Patty

Last Sunday, Aunt Patty invited us over to make Christmas cookies.  We jumped at the opportunity!  Great times and better her kitchen getting covered in icing than mine! :) 

Tyler and Great Aunt Patty.

We put Daddy to work too!

Tyler was more interested in eating the cookies than decorating...surprise, surprise.  My kinda kid! :)

Cookie making fun...I know, I know, my eyes are closed.  Patty and Tyler look good though.

Daddy was the most artistic of us all at the icing process. 

Tyler with a guilty look on his face...he stole a cookie off the counter before it was iced.

Patty and Daddy hard at work. 

This was Patty's famous cookie of the day...we weren't sure what it was!  She said it was supposed to be Santa with a bag on his back.  Thoughts? 

Tyler got bored with cookie decorating and proceeded to dump all of the ornaments out of this basket and count them as he put them back in.  The only problem is he only counts to 20 and there were more than 20.  Once he got to 20 he would start back at 1 with the next ornament.  I guess we should work on counting higher soon. 

It was a great afternoon of cookie baking.  Thanks for having us over, Aunt Patty!  We will have to make it a yearly tradition!

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