Thursday, December 8, 2011

New York, New York: Day 1

We just returned from a trip to the Big Apple...New York City!  It was a blast and yes, we took a two-year old to the big city.  Tyler was such a good traveler and I am not just saying that.  He really surprised me.  He adapted to whatever we were doing and napped on double decker buses, in his stroller while walking around the city and during meals.  He really didn't get fussy at ALL.  I probably got more crabby at times than Tyler did.  I will have to break up our trip into multiple posts because I took over 300 photos!  I took 3 cameras - the big (fancy) one, the little point and shoot and a video camera (I really didn't use much, but it is small and was easy to put in the big camera bag).  I don't know that Tyler will remember the trip but we will have the photos to prove he was there.  This trip all started when Kyle let us know that Mizzou was playing a basketball game at Madison Square Garden.  Kyle and Maggie ended up not going on the trip, but we DID have four generations on the trip including 10 of us: Grandma and PoPo (my mom and dad), GG and Grandpa (my mom's parents); Tom and Julie (my mom's uncle and wife); Nancy (mom's aunt) and the three of us (4 if you count the baby bump).  It was a full crew!  Unfortunately, 300+ photos and I don't have a photo of the whole group - can you believe it?

Tyler was excited to fly in an airplane and while this was his third airplane trip, it was the first trip since he has actually been aware of what an airplane is...and the first time we had to pay for the little man to have his own seat.  Ugh!  Actually, it was nice for him to have his own seat so he didn't have to sit on my lap (growing smaller due to the baby bump taking up more and more room). 

Upon arriving at the airport, Tyler immediately found a perfect table for him and asked for his "colors and paper."  He LOVES to color and does it as often as possible.

Still lines up his crayons and is very focused.

On the plane with excited!

He loved watching the luggage carts and other planes outside the window.  "Cool!"

He read everything from the 737 safety manual to the Sky Mall catalog.  Once we got in the air the DVD player with Toy Story 3 and the iPad kept him occupied. 

Once in the city, we ventured down to Times Square. 

Family photo in front of the New Years Eve ball (it is up there - hard to see though). 

This was Jeff's first trip to NYC and this was pretty much his expression the entire time while in Times Square. 

Tyler's expression was not too different. :)

We did spot Elmo and Pooh in Times Square too!

Pooh got a little nervous as Tyler was grabbing at his tip bag.  :) 

The "old folks" (aka everyone except the three of us and Great-Grandpa) went to see a show on Broadway.  Unfortunately, you have to be 4 or older in order to see a show on Broadway.  :(

Finally, it was back to the apartment and a bed time story with Daddy.   Tyler loves the book "The Gorilla Did It."  Can you tell by how beat up the book is?  I am not sure if he is plotting how to blame things on his baby brother in years to come...:) 

Next up...Day 2

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