Saturday, November 8, 2014

Apple Orchard Fun!

I have a lot of blogging to catch up on!  

We had a gorgeous weekend late in September.  We headed to Thierbach Orchards to pick apples.  It was the 5 of us and my cousins, Zach and Megan.   Zach and Megan also served as our personal photographers too.  As a result there are a LOT of photos! 

The big boys went on this slide a dozen or so times.  

So much for standing up straight.  :) 

My attempt to line the boys up while we waited for the tractor to get a photo was comical.

This was as good as it got. 

Zach is a big kid! 

Getting our bags for apples! 

Does this one look good? 

Sneaking a bite! 
Thankfully Jeff was able to catch the bad apple before Tyler put it in his bag. 

Grant LOVED eating the apples right off of the tree.  All of those teeth really came in handy.  

I love this little pudgy walking man!  

His serious face makes me smile! 

Sneaking apples out of the bags...little stinker. 

More apple eating.  We may have eaten 10+ apples before we left.  Don't worry we bought PLENTY more! 

Grant was sad to walk back to catch the tractor and leave the orchard. 

I love this man and how patient he is on our family outings.  He also hauls a lot of our gear.  #packmulehusband :) 

Megan was a good sport getting tackled by the big boys. 

This was our view while we waited for the next tractor. 


Next we fed the goats. 

We washed hands before we had a snack and headed to Philly's for a late lunch.  

We had a great time and the apples were put to good use in several apples crisps, eaten whole and turned into applesauce.  

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