Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Morning at the Movies

I took these three kiddos to see a Saturday morning movie while Grandma kept Grant and Brody (Kyle and Maggie were on vacation). Jeff had gone into the course to check on a few things and then met us there.  The movie was Hotel Translvania since is was the week before Halloween.  It was really cute and the kids all did great!  We made it through the entire movie.  I found out from Maggie just before going that this was Hadley's first movie.  She acted like a pro and even told me when she had to go potty...which was right after I had taken Nathan potty, but whatever works! :) 

I promise she really was excited...just blinded by the flash! 

Nathan just wanted daddy to arrive so we could get popcorn. #priorities

This guy LOVES the movies and was very excited.  

We got popcorn and lemonade.  The movie was cute and a good time was had by all!  

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