Monday, November 17, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

Nathan didn't want to wait for the tractor.  He wanted to go on the Gator, hence the pouting face. 

It was Grant's first pumpkin patch experience.  

Grant (aka Elmer Fudd) was loving the tractor ride. 

I got some cuddles with Nathan on the ride.  

Our attempt at a family selfie...not so successful.  

After the hayride it was off to the hay / slide barn. 

This cutie loved exploring. 

In a different barn, they had hammock chairs.  Tyler asked for one in the backyard. :) 

A huge corn bin with tractors is a huge hit with Nathan.  

To have a blog post titled Pumpkin Patch with no photos of pumpkins a bit ironic but they don't really have a patch you get to go pick them from.  We didn't get any pumpkins but did want to experience all the fun stuff that goes along with pumpkin patches.  

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