Friday, November 14, 2014

Random iPhone Photos

This little dude LOVES football.  He constantly wants me to play which consists of me chasing him and tackling him.  He will then give me a chance but gets mad if he cannot tackle me within the first 30 seconds.  

Tub time!  
I really wish I had more bath photos because they are so gosh darn cute, but needless to say it is pretty busy.  Every bath (pretty much every night) I pretty much have to clean the entire bathroom -floor as it gets soaked.  These three get water EVERY.WHERE! 
Other than the water everywhere, it is a grand time! 

Nathan is in big boy undies full time now (has been for about two months)!  He is doing great and gets to start at "school" with Tyler at the first of the year!  

Loving Power Rangers.  The giant one was a gift from Mike and Jeanne.  It is a prized possession at our house!  :) 

Grant is pretty fascinated with football too! 

Goofy kid with a turkey hat at Target.  
(No, we did not purchase!)

Jeff and I took the kids to the first half of the WHS Homecoming football game.  The Homecoming dance was our first date umpteen years ago!  

Can you tell Nathan loves football? :) 

Mr. Smiley!  

Nathan has really enjoyed working puzzles lately and is getting much better! 

Grant is great at chewing on the pieces and loves this train one as it makes train noises.  

Tyler wanted to stand by the Halloween decorations Ms. Brenda had on display early October. 

Grant has been practicing with a sippy cup for several months now since I take the bottle away on the first birthday.  

I sent this photo to Jeff one morning when Tyler was talking back.  

He requested I then send this one to let dad know he was being good and wouldn't be talking back anymore.  

More football.  Nathan is often pant-less when we are at home. 

Grandma and Popo Francis got this Iron Man mask for the boys. It is a hit.  

Nathan loves to have Tyler read to him and Tyler loves to read so it is a win-win!  I am sure I have posted a similar photo before but I just want to make sure I document these sweet moments. 

Ready for a rainy day!  

I had to drive into the office for two days in early October.  I only have to go in for two days once a year, but this traffic was an EXCELLENT reminder of why I LOVE to work from my sweats. :) 

It is never a quick trip into Lowes as we have to stop to "ride" the tractors.  

Grant enjoys socks.  I always leave socks until the end to fold...but by then they are everywhere!

These two were playing in Grant's room one morning and had created a road out of hard back books.  

Then they asked me for some music to have a dance party.  

Grant was not too happy they were taking over his room. 

Fun in the Halloween department of Target. 

Grant often is carrying at least one ball in his hand.  

Practicing writing his numbers (and letters) with some cool dry erase cards.  

When Tyler uses markers, Nathan thinks he should get to use them too. 

More football...

Tyler got a cool magazine from Krista for his birthday called Spider.   It has fun stories and activities in it.  He also loves to get mail! 

I am a little caught up on some of my random photos. :)  Sorry for the extremely long post. 

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