Monday, September 29, 2014

Mizzou Football!

Football season is upon us and in the Francis household that means black and gold wearing Saturdays, fight song singing car rides, tailgates and cheering on our Tigers!  I love this time of year!  

Chowing down on some Subway on the way to Columbia.

On the way to tailgate! 

Zach got to come to the first game too!  Mizzou Tiger football and Zach!  Wow - dream day for our boys! 

Playing football with dad too!  #bestdayever

Opening kick off for the 2014 college football season!  

Nathan loves football and his "jersey."  He asks to wear it ev.ery. day.  I have to tell him you have to wait for Saturday.  Every morning..."Is today Saturday?"   I love his enthusiasm!  

Tyler has asked a LOT of questions about the rules of football and he understands now that the team gets 4 tries to go 10 yards...or the length between the "sticks."  It really is pretty impressive how into it he is and how much he gets.  He knows the difference between offense and defense.  He has already asked when he gets to play.  We tried to sign him up for flag football for 4-5 year olds but there were only a few other parents as crazy as we are...not enough for a team. :) 

Game #1 was a hot one and so after a bathroom break that dad took them on they came back with snow cones.  I swear, Dad is just so cool!  He always gets the fun treats.  :) 

It did cool them off and the snow cones were big enough that it took the whole second quarter for the boys to eat them.  

Tyler was a bit frustrated with a disappointing play. 

More snacks!  

Water - see, it wasn't all sugar! :) 

Nathan was asleep before we got out of the parking lot.  He was an awesome spectator. 

Thanks to Aunt Sandy for watching Grant while we enjoyed the Tigers victory in the first game of the season! 

Grandma said that the boys were so well behaved and had a great time at the first game that she offered to take the big boys back the Saturday before Tyler's birthday so I could stay at home and get things ready for the party without all my "help." 

Jersey Saturday with Grandma! 

I am pretty sure this may end up framed in our house...and maybe on a football senior night slideshow in 13-14 years or so. :) 

Back at home, I had this super cutie helping me get things ready for the big Power Ranger 5th Birthday Party!  

Rubber ended utensils to chew on and some pots to bang on - Grant was a happy camper.  
I was able to get SO MUCH DONE with only one child to care for.  It was amazing!  Thanks Mom and Sandy and Anna for taking the big boys to the game! 

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