Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fair Fun: Tyler's Pedal Tractor Pull

Saturday, August 9 Tyler and I were up before the two younger boys.  Jeff had a golf tournament to attend so he was out of the house early.  After a quick call to Grandma who came to hang out with Nathan and Grant, Tyler and I were off to the fair.  

We send Jeff this photo after check in.  Tyler was very excited about the tractor pull even though he had no idea what it entailed.  He noticed trophies being lined up during set up.  "Mom, I am going to get one of those trophies." I wasn't sure what to expect so I simply encouraged him to do his best and have fun. 

When it was his turn, he jumped on and just started pedaling.  He pulled the 95-lb sled all the way to the end!  A FULL PULL!  If you have ever been to a real tractor pull, a full pull is a big deal!  

He got a participant ribbon and a dollar coin from Bob Dobsch.  He was one of three boys who had a full pull.  That meant he got to go again with more weight.  I think they increased the weight to 115-lbs! Pretty impressive!  Being one of the top three also meant he was going to get a trophy!  

This was his second pull.  He was bummed afterward.  "My foot slipped mom.  I could have had another full pull.  I know it!"  As soon as I told him he got a trophy he was over being disappointed.   Whew!  
He did keep asking when he got to try again.  

Getting his trophy.  The top three places in each age category were given trophies.  Tyler is already planning on getting one next year.  

This one might be my favorite! 

Or this one...

A trophy with a tractor is pretty awesome!

"I cannot wait to tell dad!" 
(I had been texting him the entire event)

So proud! 
The envelope had $3 in it!  Bonus!  
Little did we know this tractor pull was a state sanctioned event.  That meant Tyler qualified for the tractor pull at the State Fair the following weekend.  Jeff and most of my family was already scheduled to play in a golf tournament the following weekend so I declined to taking all three boys by myself to the State Fair in Sedlia, MO (a 3 hour drive)...for a 4 year old tractor pull.   Just don't tell Tyler I passed on it - he would be so disappointed.  Maybe I will be mentally prepared for it next year, if he should do well again.  

Tyler asked if we could get a treat before we went home to Nathan and Grant.  I said sure and when I asked him what he wanted he picked this giant Pepsi.  Thankfully, he didn't drink all of it but he sure was excited about the entire morning!  

I was pretty proud of our big guy too.  It is funny how a silly pedal tractor pull at the town fair can turn into such a big deal at our house.  :) 


  1. Love his excitement! And how fun to get time with just him!

  2. So fun!!! :) maybe he can show Brody the tricks of the trade someday!