Sunday, September 28, 2014

Grant: 9 MONTHS and 10 MONTHS

 We have been so busy chasing this growing boy that I have neglected to keep up with his monthly blog post.  In an effort to catch up, months 9 and 10 are being combined. :)  
The photo looks like it says 3-15-14 but this was really taken on 8-15-14.  I suppose my chalk must have gotten wiped off there by a certain someone (suspect photographed).  This is the first I noticed it...obviously too late. 

It is getting impossible for me to photograph this child without him eating something during the photos. Grant had 7 teeth on his 9 month birthday - the four front teeth on the top and three on the bottom.  

So I must have noticed it because I seem to have fixed it the date for these photos.  

My prop revealed to get these giggles.

Showing off all those teeth!  I love this sweet face! 

Nine Month Milestones included:

  • WALKING!  Yes, as much as we weren't ready for it, he was.  Our zone defense is in full effect now!  
  • Formula only baby at this point!  I was not prepared to have 7 teeth (yowzers!) and him walking up to me to eat.  I just couldn't wrap my head around it and to be honest, I was ready to be finished.  Tyler nursed for 6 months, Nathan: 8 months and Grant: 9 months.  It really did get much easier with each kid and working from home made my pumping schedule SO much easier!  
  • Grant cut out the dinner time nap around this point and takes a morning nap and another around 2:30-3pm.  
  • Talking and pointing.  Grant started pointing to things much more frequently around the 9 month mark too.  He babbles and has a lot of inflection in his noises.  His most understandable word is still dada.  He will, when prompted, repeat mama but usually doesn't say it on it on.  
10 MONTHS!  

Grant was not pleased that I wanted him to sit.  I promise you if this sweet, sweet child is awake, he is on the move.  Wears. Me. Out.   whew

Playing peek-a-boo...
I don't know why the photo is crooked...probably due to my fast attempt to catch any photo before he dive bombs off the chair.  

Dive bomb in progress...

Plopped back in the chair...see he thinks it is a game.  

This one is sneaky like Nathan.

Clapping for himself! 

Mom, can we be finished please? 
So it wasn't our most successful monthly photo shoot. 
But aren't those big brown eyes just so sweet? 

Ten Month Milestones: 
  • Dancing - I really need to get this on video.  Tyler, Nathan and Daddy we dancing one night and Grant just joined right in.  This is what happens when I clean up from dinner, hence why if you come to my house and find dishes still in the sink or things not completely picked up...I don't want to miss out on the fun.  Dishes can wait until the boys go to bed.  
  • Fast walking / running up and down the hall to the boys' rooms chasing after Nathan most of the time.  There have been several face plants from his little legs not being able to keep up with the rest of him.  
  • Clapping!  He will clap when you tell him to most of the time too.  
  • Soooo BIG! Grant will raise at least one of his hands and make a high pitched squeal, most likely to mimick my "Sooooo big" pitch that I say when we play.  
  • Peek-a-boo.  Have I mentioned that I love this age!  He is really getting so much so quickly and catches on to our games.  He likes it when I hide best but I can sometimes get him to cover his eyes too.  He also really likes to hid his ball under a blanket and pull the blanked off to reveal the ball - WOW!  Crazy amounts of fun! 
  • Sleep has been a bit interrupted with molar teething pain.  I feel so sorry for the little guy.  I don't give him Tyenol every night and there are nights when he wakes up around midnight or so in some paid so he gets some then and 20 minutes later he is back out.  Two of his four 1 year molars have poked through the gums.  The other two are right there - I can feel them when I stick my fingers in his mouth.  Warning: do not try this unless you are prepared for him to bite down...and HARD!  Teething has also caused a lot of snot too. 
  • Speaking of teeth - we have the front top 4 and the front bottom 4 and 2 of his one year molars have popped through too.  That is a total of 10 yes, ten! teeth.  
  • Eating we cannot forget about the main focus of Grant's day - Grant eats pretty much whatever we eat: fruit bar, eggs, cereal, yogurt are common options for breakfast;  Lunch is usually a squeeze pouch of some baby food that combines a fruit and vegetable.  Grant is over my homemade baby food and the pouches are pretty easy to send to the sitter.  When we are at home, he gets cut up fruits and veggies and usually a cracker of some sort.  Dinner is whatever we are having - just torn or cut up enough for him it to be safe.   Our Parents as Teachers educator recently asked me if Grant was feeding himself.  Umm, yes, of course.  He is the third child.  It is a matter of survival.  
Whew!  I am caught up on Grant...for now.  Soon he will be 11 months old and then we will be celebrating his 1st birthday.  Where does time go and will someone please tell me how to pause it?   I sure do love watch my baby grow...just not so quickly.  :) 

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