Monday, September 15, 2014

Fair Fun: Turtle Race and final fair photos

Saturday afternoon of the fair, we took early naps and headed back out for the turtle race.  You can remember our turtle from this post here.  

Prior to the turtle race we enjoyed the messy kids play area. 

Shredded paper is always one of our favorites.  This time it was in a tent which just made it that much cooler!  

The turtle race was a crowded mess with kids, turtles and parents. 

Here is the pre-race photo.  Sorry for the fair volunteer rear end shot.  

Tyler was pretty proud of Donatello. Donatello finished 4th in his heat so he didn't get to move on.    

Grant was unimpressed with the turtle race and slept through it.  

We went back Sunday evening for the motocross event.  Thankfully we got up to get a snack before there was a horrible accident.  While I don't want my boys to fall in love with motorcycles, I also don't want them to see horrific events.  Yikes!  

Grant slept through the motocross too.   Thankfully, this little guy rolls with our crazy schedule and is able to snooze anywhere when he needs to.

We had fun at the fair, but as you can tell we were worn out and glad to get back to "normal."  (I am not sure there is a "normal" week at our house!) 

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