Wednesday, September 17, 2014

First Day of Tumbling Teddy Bears

Tyler's first day in a new class at Little Rascals was on August 18.  He got to move to the Tumbling Teddy Bears class.  Tyler was pretty excited!  You can see his first day of preschool last year here
We love Little Rascals and Nathan really would love to go with Tyler to school (we are working on the potty training).  Nathan loves to go to Ms. Michelle's with Grant too.  So tough to be a middle child! 

Anyway, this post is about Tyler!  

Isn't he handsome?
This chalkboard frame is from my playroom gallery wall project I created recently.  I really need to finish so I can post a photo.  #somuchtodo  #solittletime

Nathan wanted to stand next to Tyler.  
Nathan sometimes gets a bit wet with unsupervised teeth brushing. It's just water! :) 

Here is my fun back to school wreath / craft project.  
Thanks, Pinterest! 

Tyler gets homework every Wednesday in Tumbling Teddy Bears and brings it home, sits down excited to complete it immediately and then asks me for extra reading homework.  The homework he gets is pretty easy for him.  I bought him a "chapter book" and he can read it but isn't as excited about it since it doesn't have photos.  Tyler's zest for learning is truly amazing and I hope his enthusiasm continues for a lifetime.  

That day after school, I also needed a photo of Tyler for his birthday invite (post coming...sometime hopefully sooner than later).

Of course, Nathan wanted in on the action.  I sure don't mind snapping a photo of this cute face. 

Tyler wanted a silly photo too! 


I cannot believe that next year I will be posting about Tyler going to KINDERGARTEN!  What?!? How has he grown up so fast?  
We are so proud of Tyler and the young man he is becoming! 

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  1. I seriously can not believe that you have time for crafts. I can't even fold my laundry. Love that chalkboard idea, though! AND.. yes, let's play or golf. Jealous that your whole fam is in Europe!