Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tyler's First Day of Preschool: August 12, 2013

Tyler started preschool at Little Rascals this past Monday, August 12. 
We were so excited for him!
Dad was able to join him for the drop off to school too! 
He seems so big, yet so little at the same time to me in this picture. 
How is it possible that we are old enough to have a child in preschool? 
I meant to have the chalkboard ready with the date, etc. but I wasn't that on the ball. 
Maybe if the fair hadn't been the previous 5 days (a post coming on the fair too)...
Also, there was no time for photos with Mom, Dad and/or Nathan.  "It's time to go to school."

Tyler had no qualms about walking into school on his own.  He waltzed right in and said hello.  There were no tears and we had to ask for hugs.  I even resisted calling to check on him during the day. 
Don't you love his Mizzou backpack?  Tyler really likes his backpack!
I am confident that Ms. Brenda and her staff will take excellent care of Tyler. 
Heck, I went to Little Rascals waaay back in the day and I turned out okay, right? ;)

Tyler's Day 1 Report Card. 
It was hard for me to belive that "talkative" was not highlight as Tyler is constantly talking.  I was glad to see he ate most of his lunch and slept at nap time. 

Day 1 Bingo Dobber Art
I love that he chose black and gold! :)
I was actually more worried about how Nathan would do at the sitter's without Tyler.  They are usually together 24/7.  Nathan was more resistant for me to leave when I dropped him off but after I left, Ms. Eileen said he had a great day!  He probably got to play with all the toys without fear of anyone taking them away! 
Ms. Eileen has watched Tyler 3 days a week for the last 3+ years and she is wonderful!  I really need to get a photo of Ms. Eileen and Tyler.  She has taken such great care of our boys and we are so glad Nathan loves it there as much as Tyler did.  It is also fun since she watches our cousin/nephew, Matthew.  I love that our kiddos get to grow up so close to their cousins! 
All in all, Tyler's first day (and week) was a success! 

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