Sunday, July 13, 2014

Newest Family Member

No, we are not having another baby and no, we did not get a dog. 
We picked up a turtle for the upcoming turtle race at the Washington Town & Country Fair.

This is Donatello, or Donnie for short.  Tyler says Donatello is the fastest of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.   He will be living on the back porch.  The covered part, of course!  We told the boys it is best for Donatello to stay outside since the turtle race will be outside. Best training conditions.  Thankfully, that explanation seemed to work.  

The boys are so excited and want to check on Donnie often. The clear "house" is a bit of a treadmill since Donatello tries to get out it forces him to work his muscles for the big race.  Donatello has been snacking on spinach, apple cores left over from our lunch, and left over hamburger buns.  Donatello likes to knock over his water bowl too.  

Hopefully we can keep this new family member alive until August 9, the day of the big race!   I have already put the bug in the boys ear that we will be letting Donatello go back with his family after the race.  Hopefully, that process goes smoothly.  Meanwhile, if you have any turtle care or training tips, please send them our way. :) 

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