Sunday, May 4, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt #2

We attended the same Easter egg hunt we have for the past 3 years now!  It has been come an Easter tradition. 
2013 can be seen here.
2012 seen here
and 2011 here

We skipped the carnival and just went for the egg hunt.  
Tyler's field before the hunt grabbing started.  Let's be honest - not much hunting to it.  

As Tyler grows he gets skinnier and he constantly needs a belt.  A four year old and belts just don't mix that well so his underwear shows often.  

Three in his hand at one time! 

Tyler took his egg gathering pretty seriously this year.  His basket was overflowing so he stopped.
Thanks to my dad for documenting Tyler's side of the event with his camera!    

This was my view of Tyler across the street.  A huge thanks to my dad for coming with us since the boys hunt on different fields due to the age divisions.  Also, thanks to my mom for watching Grant while we played.  Next year the three boys will be on three different egg hunting fields.  I think I will just be preparing myself for sports seasons of three of them playing at once!  

Nathan waited pretty patiently before the hunt.  He did see someone driving around a Polaris and told me "no find egg - ride Paris."  PoPo was excited to hear this news.  Nevertheless, I said no to asking the event worker if my 2 year old could ride the "paris" and he participated in the egg hunt grab. 

Nathan wanted to shake each one and see if there was candy in it.  

He would pick out a color and try to get several of those.  "I get geen ones."  Whatever floats you boat, Nathan! 

Comparing their hauls.  
Tyler was nice and gave Nathan a few of his because Nathan didn't pick up nearly as many as he did.  

Most of the eggs had candy in them and the boys collected about 15-20 eggs that had slips of paper for prizes in them.  The line was far too long for me to wait in for a free ice cream cone coupon so I handed it to a dad behind me with a little girl and said "Happy Easter."  My boys got what we came for - a fun egg find and a few pieces of candy. 

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