Friday, May 9, 2014

Easter Egg #3

I know, I know - I am so far behind.  How did we get to May 9th already?  This last week has been a blur and the dark circles under my eyes are due to allergies and sick kiddos (more on later).  Hopefully we are on the mend and all three boys are sleeping as I type this.  Let's see if I can make it to the end of this post with that still the case. :) 

I am confident Tyler and Nathan enjoyed this Easter Egg hunt the most.  My mom and day host the annual Easter Egg Hunt in the dark!  The boys were ready with their headlights so they could carry their baskets and pick up eggs.  

Warning: lots of pictures! 

Out the door!

Stu and Barb's niece, Sophie, joined us for the kid hunt which was restricted to the front yard.  The back and side yards were for the adults.  Yes, the adults hunt and it gets intense.  

Nathan didn't want to stop for a photo.  He wanted to keep hunting. 

Checking out their loot! 

Seriously, this kid just has cuteness written all over him.  (I might be a bit biased.) 

His light was still on and he wanted to keep it on.  It was a bit bright when he looked at you.

Barb's sister, Mary, enjoyed cuddling Grant.  

Poor Barb got spit up all over by Grant a few minutes later.  My mom gave Grant his first 4 ounces of formula while we were on the Easter Eve scavenger hunt and apparently it didn't sit well.  Sorry, Barb! 

Apparently the prize was one that several hunters wanted.  

My grandpas solving the world's problems.  

Some of the crew! 

Why do you keep taking my picture? 

Grandma passing out prizes.  
My mom put together 22 dozen eggs with candy, money and 120 prizes that she and everyone bring.  It is the big daddy of egg hunts! 

Tyler and I lined up all their #s which correspond to prizes and I think Tyler and Nathan took home about 1/3 of the prizes.  Tyler just kept jumping up "That's mine!" 

So proud of his prize! 

Jeanne displaying her Airgas golf towel...lucky her!  

Jeff was mocking an unnamed individuals catching ability. 

Nathan was so tickled by the head massager.  

The boys were up until 9:30 which is VERY late for our house but it was worth it for the amount of fun we had.  

By the way, Tyler is the only one awake as I finish up this post!  I might be able to get some laundry folded now too!  Yippee!

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