Monday, May 12, 2014

Pre-school daily chart

This is Tyler's daily chart at Little Rascals.  The class all starts on green, ready to learn, each day.  When they do good or nice things they get to move the clip with their name on it up as instructed by the teacher.  If they are not listening or do something unkind they move their clip down.  This particular day Tyler was on the ribbon which is a BIG DEAL!  You don't get to the ribbon on any 'ole day and the ribbon acknowledgement is rare.  Jeff picked up Tyler one day when he was on the ribbon and was so proud they went to the gas station across the street and said he could pick out any treat and drink.  Tyler chose a Dr. Pepper (I am pretty sure he had never had before but must have seen people drinking it) and a peanut M&Ms (probably because we won't yet Nathan have this candy).  Now he strives for the ribbon every day.  He thinks it equates a Dr. Pepper and gets very excited.  

Here is Tyler with his Dr. Pepper and peanut M&Ms.  

Don't let this one day fool you.  While, thankfully, a majority of Tyler's days are blue or purple, we have had several yellow or red days.  If Tyler does get his clip moved down it is for not listening and occasional talking back to his teacher.   This kind of feedback is NOT well received at home!  
The color chart is a good tool for Tyler and for his days not at school he will ask "What color am I right now?"  He probably has more red days at home than anywhere.  He HATES to be on red or yellow so once you tell him his color his behavior often changes quickly or he goes down for a nap.
Most of the time we are very proud of our big guy and cannot believe how fast he is growing up and what an intelligent little man he is becoming.

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  1. Such a great chart! Wonder if I implemented this at home if it would be successful... we are going to try marbles soon.