Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Grant: 6 MONTHS!

How in the world is our baby boy half a year (and almost a week) old already? 
Truth: Time flies when you are having fun! 

Can you believe it? 

Constant drool - he is working on tooth #4 already.  First tooth came in on 5/5.  Happy Cinco de Mayo to Grant.  His poor allergy ridden eyes are due to the crazy allergy season we have had at this house.  

He is still such a happy guy.  

He is sitting up by himself for 30 seconds or so.  Usually he falls face first because he is reaching too far for some toy. 

Grant LOVES his toys and constantly has something in his mouth.  

In other news...Grant is on the MOVE!  I wouldn't necessarily call it crawling as he is not moving up on all fours yet but he does roll to where he wants to go or puts his butt up in the air and pushes with his legs to go forward while his forehead is getting rug burn.  It is pretty comical to watch.  The photo above and the following photos were taken in 30 second or so period...

Yep, folks, we now have three children who will not sit still.  Let the fun begin!  

Other news: 
Grant is sleeping 10 hours a night!  He usually crashes around 8pm and sleeps until 6am.  It is the ideal schedule for me.  
I already mentioned his teeth - crazy how fast they have all come at once!  
Eating: Grant is still nursing and I am sending pumped milk to the sitters.  I was getting a bit concerned as he was eating four 4-5oz bottles a day and I wasn't keeping up - mostly due to a big workload lately.  I tried a few ounces of formula again and he threw ALL of it up.  So we tried soy formula and he wouldn't touch it.  Would. not. take. a. sip.  
Sandy tried another kind on Tuesday and after some concerned looks took it.  And no projectile vomit!  Bonus!  By no means are we switching to formula full time but I do like having a back up plan that doesn't involve everyone involved changing clothes.  Thanks to Sandy for taking the risk.  I will have to share the photos of a naked baby on a beach towel later.  :)  
We have also started baby food.  I steamed, blended and froze carrots, bananas (no need to steam) and green beans this past week.  Grant has been pleased with all foods he has tried so far.  I even gave him a few puffs tonight at dinner to keep him occupied while we ate and he really enjoyed picking them up and attempting to get them to his mouth.  I would say two of the 10 or so I put on his tray actually made it to his mouth.  
Grant still LOVES to stand and likes to hang on the side of the couch, with me hanging on.  He watches his big brothers and so badly wants to be in on the action.  I am afraid it won't be long before he is in the middle of all of Tyler and Nathan's antics.  

It sure has been a fun and fast 6 months!  

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  1. That handsome baby has 4 teeth and is crawling…you produce super babies!!!! What formula did you end up going with? I need to get Piper on some formula sometime soon, thanks!