Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter weekend!   It was full of lots of great family time, plenty of eggs and of course the perfect reason for the celebration - Christ the Lord is Risen [Today]!  (I love that hymn!)

Krista and Patty help Tyler dye eggs...sort of.   Patty's face says it perfectly because Tyler wanted to THROW the egg into the dye.  Tyler didn't really get dying eggs but he loved to look at them when they were finished.  Very pretty (I didn't get that photo)!

On Saturday we braved the weather to participate in an Easter egg hunt and carnival celebration.  It wasn't raining when we arrived, but Tyler was dressed with his rain boots and Carhartt jacket - just like dad!  Tyler loved watching the kids at the bubble table... "bubble, bubble, bubble."  He doesn't quite get the concept of blowing them but he loves to watch them float away. 

Next it was on to the ball pit.  

He was pretty funny as he simply sat down and "counted" the balls moving them from his right side into a large pile on his left side. He might have slight OCD like his mother. ;)

The large parachute was pretty exciting too.  Uncle Kyle and Aunt Maggie arrived for the fun of this activity.  See the cute kid with the Mizzou jacket on...Tyler went over and gave him a hug.  Priceless!  I am so glad he knows how to pick great friends!

Of course, 10 minutes before the start of the egg hunt, it started to rain.  Oh, well!  Like Kyle said - "it's just water."  I am sad to say this is the only photo I got of the egg hunt.  My dad got much better ones so I will have to get a hold of his camera to post some of his pics.  It took Tyler a while to get the concept, but with a little coaching from Uncle Kyle, he started picking up two and three eggs at a time.  In this photo he simply decided to sit in the muddy lawn and play with the grass. 

Here are all the eggs he collected.  (The shopping bag was a much more practical egg holder than the basket.)  Way to go Tyler!

Tyler was also spoiled with lots of baskets full of goodies over the weekend.  
His wonderful sitter, Eileen, gave him this cute basket that included a shirt, some books a few pieces of candy.  We have are so thankful to have a wonderful, sweet sitter for Tyler.

He got a great basket from Grandma and Grandpa Zick with books, cookies, a new swimming suit, a new cell phone (Tyler looks just like he is texting with it), a car and a choo-choo. 

Grandma and Grandpa Francis got him a basket too with a Weebles bus, a new outfit, books and goldfish but he had it all out before I could grab my camera to snap a photo!

The Easter bunny made a trip to our house too and brought not only a basket with some Play-Doh but a shopping cart with a new baseball bat and ball, an Elmo movie and of course some new books.   He has since been loading up all his balls in the cart and pushing them around the house.   

I wish I would have gotten a better photo of his face when he rounded the corner on Easter morning.  He was so excited to see a new ball!  It is the simple things in life.

We are truly blessed to have spent the weekend with our families to celebrate! 
Happy Easter! 

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