Monday, March 26, 2012

Week One!

This is the best smile I have ever seen for a 1 week old!  (I may be a bit biased.)
Nathan gives these smiles to Daddy more than anyone. 

Week 1 photo

A not so happy 1 week old Nathan. 
Thanks to Erin and Jeff for outfit! 

  •  Our first week has been pretty smooth other than Mommy being pretty sore from c-section #2.  (The pain is worse than I remember from the first, but I refuse to take serious pain meds - ibuprofen is it!  My body doesn't react well to pain meds.)
  • Nathan has been a much better sleeper than Tyler.  Other than our first night home (waking every 2 hours to eat), he has been waking every 4 hours to eat.  That means I can get 8 hours of sleep with only getting up once!  I will take it. 
  • Nathan loves to be swaddled (I attribute this to helping him sleep better).  Tyler hated to be swaddled. 
  • Nathan, like all Francis boys, LOVES to eat!  He eats like it is a race though...I need to find a way to get him to slow down. 
  • We have had the up the back blow-outs and pee on the walls - I had forgotten about the pee all over with little boys.  I am sure you all wanted to know this bullet point. :)
  • Today is my first day at home with just Nathan.  We have cuddled all morning!  Tyler went to the sitter and Jeff is back at work.  We are pretty much stuck here since they advised me not to drive until the 2 week mark. Ugh! 
  • A HUGE thanks to my parents, especially my mom!  She not only kept Tyler while we were in the hospital, but she is taking him and picking him up from this sitter this week too.  She has made us dinner multiple times, banana bread (Tyler and I loved!) and has given baths to Tyler.  Mom, you are the BEST! 
Tyler enjoying Grandma's banana bread.


  1. Grandmas are the best. Also... do you need more pee-pee tee-pees? =)

  2. that smile is perfect! he is super cute-glad to hear things are going well!