Monday, March 19, 2012

Big Brother Tyler!

We are not sure Tyler really knows what to think about our newest edition to the family.  He was very affectionate during the 3rd (and 4th ;)) trimester always wanting to kiss my belly.  He often wanted to lift up my shirt to "see" his baby brother. 

Funny story: One day at nap time, I peaked in his room to check on him and he was chatting with himself (happens frequently), but this day he had his shirt pulled up and was rubbing his belly saying "baby brother."  Too cute and hilarious at the same time!

First meeting.  Tyler was checking him out...


Baby Nathan!

"I so funny!" 
Why this was his reaction, we are not sure other than to make sure the attention is still on him. 

Look how cute I am!


Time for a big brother present...

He actually found it wrapped that morning and had started opening it - I had to tape it back together.  I could wrap cardboard boxes in newspaper and he would be excited.

A Mickey Mouse Clubhouse book that plays music/phrases including "Oh, toodles"  Tyler loves to randomly yell this phrase when he encounters a problem.  It is pretty funny and much preferred over whining. 

Playing with his new book with Daddy's scrubs on. 

Look at me!

He was good about checking on Mommy.  In this photo he was intensely watching the Mizzou game.  (We won't talk about sad.)
Mommy was enjoying ice chips - crappy snack after surgery. 

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