Saturday, March 10, 2012

40 Weeks!

Today is our official due date but this baby is not feeling very timely so we will continue waiting...  I have had some requests for belly photos, but I am sure this kiddo will be much cuter when he arrives versus the view via momma's belly.  We might take one right before heading to the hospital...we will see. 

I have had contractions, but nothing put together enough to warrant a hospital visit and/or any progress.  If no baby by Monday, I have an appointment with the doctor in the morning for an ultrasound an hopefully a plan for induction.  I get a bit nervous considering Tyler was 9lbs. 2ozs.  I really don't need this one to get any bigger and I am pretty sure my belly is at capacity!   I know, I know as long as he is healthy I can tough it out. 

Even though the day was not eventful in the way I was hoping for, it was still not a quiet one.  Tyler woke up with swollen, red eyes as well as red splotches on his legs.  I didn't think a whole lot of it.  I put him in the bath and we continued on with our day.   Several hours later and the eyes looked much worse and the red blotches were way worse.  This called for a call/visit with Aunt Sandy to check him out.  She suggested some allergy medicine as well as some Advil and a nap.  Check, check, check.  He is doing much better but we are not sure where the sudden allergies are coming from.  I sure hope they go away and don't come back!  I didn't get any photos to document because it was too sad looking.  Pray for no more sad looking Tyler.  It was pitiful. :(


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