Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Going Home!

After three long nights in the hospital, we got cleared to come home on Monday!  
I just wanted to have our family of four all at home together "sleeping" under one roof. 

Our first night at home was a long one as Nathan thought it would be fun to eat every two hours - he is really working on getting back to that birth weight.  Last night was oh, so much better!  Only woke up to eat every 4 hours!  Much better!
Nathan sported his Mizzou sweatshirt for his trip home even though their basketball season is over.  Always a fan!

We get this face a LOT!

Even though he is a big boy, he still looks so tiny in his car seat. 
Look at him hold his binky in already!

Ten seconds later, he was out!  What is it about car seats that puts babies right to sleep?

Welcome home Nathan Robert!

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