Sunday, March 25, 2012

Brotherly Love!

Tyler loves our his i-Pad.  Let's be honest - he has more apps on it than we do.  The other day, he quietly disappeared in the house so Jeff went to check in his room and this is what we found.
Tyler has a PBS app that plays several shows - his most recent favorite is Super Why.  It is a show that teaches spelling.  Tyler is getting pretty good at picking out the correct letter that makes the appropriate sound.  Super Why has been a great bribe lately too.  Don't judge. 

Tyler was so sweet to share his i-Pad with Nathan. 

Tyler was excited to show Nathan how cool Super Why is.

Brotherly love! 
Doesn't it look like Nathan is really paying attention?  We can only hope that both boys are better spellers than Mommy!


  1. Ooh..... I might need you to share apps =) We have a 15month old that we're going to need to move across the country =)

  2. Adorable Ali! Love your blog updates- particularly at 3am when my baby is wide awake. :) Hope you are feeling better!