Sunday, March 4, 2012

Family Reading Night

Every night is pretty much family reading night at our house, but the school district put on a formal one this past Friday.  Of course we had to attend.  We had to fill out a reading log from the week prior.  It only required us to read 15 minutes a night.  Seriously?  Piece of cake!

Tyler was pretty patient during the opening announcements of the reading night.  Luckily, there was music and Daddy! 

In this reading room the "actors" read two Dr. Seuss books that I am pretty sure Tyler has memorized - Green Eggs and Ham and Oh, the Thinks You Can Think.  Grandma, Daddy and Tyler sat on the floor while Mommy sat in the back and took pictures.  Seeing a 9 month pregnant lady get up off the floor isn't always a pretty sight. ;)

One of the storytellers dressed up.

In another room, Tyler sat in his desk and was very attentive.  Doesn't he look so small in that desk?  I don't often say Tyler looks "small."

He was such a good boy that he got to go to the book fair and pick out a new book.  I hope he forgets about it because it is going in his Easter basket. We will see...

On our way out there were firefighters and a fire truck he could climb in.  I didn't get the best photos since it was dark outside, but Tyler really could have cared less.  He thought it was pretty "amazing." 

Thanks to Grandma for coming along!  Grandma is his FAVORITE reading partner so it was appropriate.   When I tell him we are going to Grandma's - he often says "to read books!" 

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