Monday, March 12, 2012

Baby Update

I had my ultrasound and doctors appointment this morning and the report is:
  • Cord is around baby's neck - scary but doctor said it happens 33% of the time and heartbeat and movement are great!  Baby is facing down and in the perfect position otherwise for delivery. 
  • Doctor admitted me to the hospital to have a stress test done on baby since he is overdue and as a precaution since Tyler was stressed during labor.  After almost 2 hours, everything with the stress test came back great! 
  • I am looking more "favorable" than I was last week but not enough to induce with a high success at this time.  If nothing happens, I am scheduled to go back Friday for another ultrasound and possibly stress test, depending on my fluid levels.  If I have not progressed at that point, we may be looking at a c-section (not ideal for me).  If (yes, there are a lot of ifs at this point) a c-section is required that could be scheduled as early as Friday afternoon or sometime by Monday.  If I am looking more favorable, we will schedule induction.  He said the latest he would let me go is March 21st (so, so, so far away!). 
  • I am still hoping baby decides to come on his own.  I have been having more contractions and they are stronger but still 2 hours apart most of the time which doesn't warrant a trip to the hospital at this point.  Either way, God is again teaching me the lesson of patience.  I am forced to admit defeat in the control area all while having faith that everything, no matter how, will work out just fine.  I can only pray for a healthy baby in the coming days. 
I sure hope my next update includes some baby photos! :)

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