Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Day

Last week we did really have our first dusting of snow and it fell perfectly in time with a scheduled "snow day" at our Friday playgroup.  They brought in real snow for the kids to play with but it melted pretty quickly with the warm temperatures indoors. 

Tyler did not care about the real snow as much as he did the shredded paper "snow."   I am so glad our playgroup volunteers to do this because the kids sure do create one heck of a MESS! 

Scooping up a bunch to throw.

Tyler just had to wear his I love snow days shirt.  I promise I do not buy clothes like this just for the day - he already had it in his drawer. 

Deep in the "snow." 

For the record, he does know that this is not real snow, but it sure is fun!  The day it snowed, Tyler woke up saw it and said "" so we put his snow boots on.  This kid sure remembers the most odd things:  snow = boots!?!  All this talk about snow makes Mommy sooooo jealous that Daddy is headed to ski this week along with the fact that Utah is getting 4-5 feet of snow currently.  Yes, 4-5 FEET!  Ahhh!  Sounds wonderful.  I checked with the doctor again at my appointment this past week just to make sure I couldn't get the approval to purchase a last minute plane ticket and hit the slopes with the boys.  Next year....Tyler should be able to ski with me then, right?

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