Saturday, January 7, 2012

Francis Christmas (4 of 5)

Our next stop was to Jeff's sister and brother-in-laws house.  Jenny and Ryan were so kind to host Christmas this year since Jeff's parents have been busy with the new antique store they opened. 

We love to pick on Abbey.  She is in 7th grade so Jeff kept trying to get her picture while she was putting food in her mouth, hence the annoyed look.  Jeff did, unintentionally, capture Jake shoveling in some potatoes. 

Tyler loves jumping on PoPo and was saying "yee-haw" like he was riding a horse.

Grandma couldn't stop working in the kitchen even though it wasn't her house.

Jeff loves to pick on his mom.  Can't you see the joy in his face?

Jake and Greg wait for the gift opening to start.  We are excited for Jake who made the 2nd Team All-State Football team this year as a sophomore.  He also had his first visit from Gary Pinkel.  We are obviously pulling for Jake to pick the Tigers and the Tigers to pick Jake.

A Christmas hug from Tyler.  He gives the best hugs! :)

Tyler got a handmade Humpty Dumpty chair from Grandma and Grandpa.  (We are not convinced that Humpty Dumpty had ears, but oh well). 

Tyler showing us how he can rock his new chair.

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