Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Magic House

To celebrate the end of 2011 with Tyler we went to the Magic House Friday, December 30. 
It was crowded but Tyler found plenty to keep him busy.  Enjoy our pictures from the day.

We were excited Daddy could join us on this trip to the Magic House. 

Tyler loves to play the piano and this piano makes bubbles when you push the keys. 

More music...


Tyler really does love slides.  You wouldn't know it by looking at this picture.

Indoor sand box with cool toys.


The water table is Tyler's absolute favorite part of the Magic House.  We usually have to use some sort of bribe to leave this area without tears. 

On to the pretend centers...Tyler's favorite was the library - NERD!  (I love it!)
The pizza parlor was okay and the store...whatever, but the LIBRARY.  They have books! 

We could have stayed here all day too. 

On the third floor of the Magic House, Tyler was more interested in looking out the window and watching the traffic than anything else.

There are so many things at the Magic House Tyler still doesn't comprehend (example: the photo above - you are supposed to look through the colors on the wheel but Tyler just spun it around).  I guess we will just have to keep going back.  I love the Magic House so I am glad Tyler does too!

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