Saturday, January 21, 2012

Elmo Makes Music

Several weeks ago, I saw the advertisement that "Elmo Makes Music" was coming to St. Louis and since Tyler loves both Elmo and music, I just had purchase tickets.  I convinced Grandma to join us (really had to twist her arm...wink, wink). 

The tickets included the "Play Zone" which you could visit an hour before show time.  The "Play Zone" gave Tyler the opportunity to run around before the show and gave Mommy lots of photo opportunities. 

Murray came out to welcome everyone and sing a few songs including "If You're Happy and You Know It" which is one of Tyler's favorites.  Instead of doing all the motions like he normally would just stood there in amazement. 

Luckily, we arrived before it was too crowded so Tyler got to dance at Zoe's Dance Studio all by himself.  He loves to watch himself dance in the mirror.  He thinks he is pretty funny!

All of the characters had buttons you could push to have them talk to you.  Tyler was all about the buttons.

Talking to Bert and Ernie with Grandma. 

Two peas in a pod...or a trashcan.  Gotta love Oscar! 

They had a coloring table too which allowed Tyler to sit down for a few seconds and scribble on some papers. Then it was on to the next Sesame Street character. 

Tyler taking a rest/pouting after I told him to wait his turn. 

Back up to talk to Grover. 

Watching the characters sing a few songs from the Sesame Street light pole perch. 

Ernie and Cookie were dancing up a storm.

Don't want to forget Big Bird.

 ...and Abby.   Kinda sad how I know all of them, eh?

Then it was on to the show!  Mom informed me that I went to see Sesame Street Live 27 years ago on the exact same day - January 20 because it was the day my cousin, Krista, was born.  Happy Birthday, Krista! 

I wish my non-flash photography would have captured Tyler's face during the show.  He was in absolute awe!

The show was pretty good, considering the average age of the audience they were targeting was probably 3.  Jenny, the new music teacher on Sesame Street, had just arrived but her truck containing all her musical instruments had not yet.  The Muppets had to help her figure out ways to make music. 

In case you were wondering, the letter of the day was "J" and the number of the day was "8."  Tyler remembers. :)
Tyler was so well behaved and interested throughout the show, despite getting a bit sleepy toward the end.  It was a great way to spend the morning with my little man.  He deserved the special treat!

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  1. Thanks for the birthday shout-out! I went to see Sesame Street Live when I was 3 and vividly remember being terrified the whole time. (shocking, huh?) I'm glad Tyler had fun and that you took so many pictures of him.