Friday, September 2, 2011

Field Trip Friday with Uncle Kyle!

If you haven't heard, Kyle and Maggie are both back in Missouri!  Kyle and Maggie are living in St. Louis and Uncle Kyle works in the Washington area so we get to see them so much more!  We love it!  Maggie was in New Jersey for work for two weeks and I am pretty sure we saw Kyle every day.  The day we didn't see him, Tyler was asking for Uncle Kyle.   We were pretty excited to have Kyle home (and not yet working at his new job) on a Friday so he could join us for Field Trip Friday!  We did have to medicate Tyler before leaving for the day as his 2 year molars were coming in and without Advil, he was one crabby kid!  Kyle can attest you could tell when the Advil wore off...yikes!

We decided to head to the Missouri Botanical Gardens to see Todd's Tree and play in the Children's Garden.  When my cousin, Todd Zick, passed away in February of 2010, a tree was adopted in his honor.  We were on a mission to find out where it was.  I am glad Kyle and I did it together.  It was a nice Missouri summer day to spend together. 
Tyler enjoyed wandering around and the freedom to run.

Perfectly said.

Todd's Tree

Kyle and Todd's Tree.

Then it was on to the Children's Garden.
At this point Kyle took over the photo responsibilities.

Our walk to the Children's Garden had put this little man to sleep. 
I broke Parenting Rule 101 and woke him up to play!

We warmed up with the slide...

Then had a slight meltdown.  If this photo doesn't make you laugh (or at least smile) something is wrong with you.  Come is funny!  I did regret for just a second waking him up.

Then he hit his stride and we had a blast. 

I think he looks so big right here!

This was supposed to be a drum stick but Tyler decided to use it as a microphone!

Belt it out, buddy!

We tried to swing on the tree vines like the big kids but didn't quite have the hang of it.

Tyler enjoyed a puppet show put on by a group of girls. 

When the girls were finished he followed them to the drinking fountain not having a care in the world for where Kyle and I were.  Chasing the girls...already!

After the gardens, we had lunch, or attempted Ragazzi's on the Hill.  Needless to say this is right when Tyler's medicine wore off and eating was not his favorite activity with two 2-year molars coming in.  I am thankful to report 2 of the 4 are in and now, at least I know what to expect!

It was a blast to have Uncle Kyle join us for a Field Trip Friday.
We are delighted to have Kyle and Maggie much closer to home!

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