Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Field Trip Friday - Monkey Joes

This post is very delayed.  The reason for the delay is becasue it was the same day I took the laptop in for repair because my sweet little boy stepped on the laptop (my fault for leaving it on the floor) and cracked the housing around the screen as well as the hinge on one side. Glad to have my computer back and lots of posts to catch up on...

Several Fridays ago, we decided to head to Monkey Joes.   If you haven't heard, Monkey Joes is an indoor bounce house for kids.  Zach was able to join us for the day.  There were some activities that Tyler loved...and some he didn't. 

Tyler kept trying to pick up or push these giant blocks around but they were attached which caused a bit of frustration.

Tyler quickly made friends.

He LOVED the slide!

This is Tyler not loving it.  He did not like being enclosed.
He may be slightly closterfobic like his Grandma Zick and Great Grandma Wood.
I think the picture is a classic!

Tyler took the opportunity to jump on Zach - probably his favorite part of the day!  Sorry, Zach!

He also had fun driving the car.  Notice it says "Insert coins..."  Tyler was perfectly happy simply turning the wheel which requires no money - my kinda game! :)

It is a fun place and if you haven't checked it out - I recommend it!

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