Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bandana Bash

Last night we enjoyed a beautiful fall evening at Zick's Great Outdoors, my uncle's nursery.  The nursery had been transformed for the 3rd year into Bandana Bash, a Leukemia fundraising event with proceeds going to benefit Friends of Kids with Cancer and Leukemia 24-7, a non-profit organization that my cousin, Todd, founded before he lost his battle in February 2010.

It was a great evening/weekend to remember Todd with family and friends and raise money for those who are still battling the disease and for those who will in the future. 
Uncle Stu (who flew in from Utah for the weekend), Uncle Doug (Todd's dad), Grandma Zick, Grandpa Zick, Dad and Tyler (who didn't want to be left out of the picture).

My dad could not be more proud of his grandson.

Tyler was in heaven at the nursery running around, climbing and getting dirty.

Scoop up the rocks...

....and throw them on your lap.  Over and over and over again. 

We had a great meal, including chocolate cake.  Tyler left behind some evidence. :)

Onto one of Tyler's favorite activities, climbing.

He thought it was hilarious to grab my nose and say "honk"

Daddy took his shot with the new camera.  (Up until this point, he had been a bit intimidated by all the functions.)

I forgot to mention their were bands during the festivities and Tyler loves to break it down. 

This kid is so happy.  I am not sure how long his white man dance moves will continue to impress but it if fun to watch.   

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