Friday, September 16, 2011

Tyler Jeffrey turns 2!

We were excited to celebrate Tyler's upcoming birthday on Sunday, September 11 with a party with family and friends.  I will let the photos tell the story. 

We didn't really have a "theme" but Tyler loves tractors so I had the Fudge Shoppe make him a tractor cake.  He loved it and asked for cake on Sunday morning for breakfast.  I was not near as much of a go-getter as I was for his 1st birthday party when I sent out fun photo invites, made the cake and cupcakes, etc.  This year it was evites and ordering a cake.  The cake was probably better this year anyway! :)

Tyler finally took a break from running around outside to eat some food.  See how he is sweating?

I made Tyler a little food bar of some of his own favorite foods: goldfish, M &Ms, pickles (yes, this kid LOVES pickles), fruit snacks, grapes and applesauce. 

Uncle Kyle and Tyler took a break from the chaos of the party to enjoy a little Toy Story 3.  Tyler has figured out not only how to turn on the TV but also how to start the Blue-Ray player, which usually has a Toy Story movie in it.  I have trouble figuring this stuff out at times so it amazes me that a 2 year old can do it.

Aunt Sandy helped him blow out his candle on his cake.  He was not really that excited about it.

Krista enjoys cake and ice cream. 

Grandma works hard to get Tyler to open presents. 

He didn't care either way for the presents and was happy mowing the sidewalk in the back yard.  Note: this is a toy he has had for over a year. 

With some help he does open some new books and loves them!

Uncle Kyle was getting impatient so he took it upon himself to open some presents. 

Aunt Sandy got Tyler to sit down and open a present she knew he would love.  She was correct as Tyler did love the new talking Buzz from GG. 

"See Buzz, Kyle?"

One of his favorite items of the day was the card that sang "You Gotta Friend in Me" from Toy Story.   Good idea Grandma!

The tiger stocking cap for those cool football games was a clapper at the party.  Good job Harms Family!

After opening presents, Tyler walked to his table for a pickle and some applesauce.  Gross combo if you ask me, but he enjoyed it. 

On his actual birthday, September 14, we went to the doctor for his 2 year check-up.  He is still in the 98th percentile for height, weight and head circumference.  Also, Dr. Rudloff was very impressed with not only the fact that he knows his ABCs but also the ability to recognize all his letters and know what sound they make.  I hope his love for learning continues for a very long time!

His birthday resulted in more presents! 
We have one lucky and loved little...okay, big boy!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Tyler Jeffrey! 

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