Monday, July 4, 2011

Dauphin Island/Mobile Trip

 June 22 we packed up two suburbans and headed to Dauphin Island, AL to watch my cousin, Kasey, represent Missouri in the Distinguished Young Women National Finals (formally America's Junior Miss).  I was also excited for a little beach time.  I was a bit nervous about the 12 hour car ride with an almost 2 year old, but he was a champ.  Thank goodness for the DVD player!  On the way back, he had his moments when he would whine and I would ask him what the problem was.  Tyler's response "I stuck."  We all (Mom, Sandy, Krista, Anna and I) of course thought it was hillarious so all week he has really been working the same phrase for a response.  He cracks me up!

Enjoy some photos from our trip!

This former dock was right off our beach house and the birds arrived early every morning and stayed for the entire day.  We all joked that one of their family members had passed away and they were awaiting the reading of the will. 

This is pretty much what Grandma and Grandpa did the entire trip.  Krista and I throughly enjoyed the "banter" between them regarding who was going to finish their book first. :)

Everyone else enjoyed reading on the huge porch of the beach house. 

Tyler wanted to join in the reading activity too.  No need for picture books.  He too is ready for big "chapter" books. 

I don't have too many beach photos, but on our first morning after a great walk on the island and to the other beach house (so many of us we had to get 2!), we decided to check out the water.  Tyler had no fear - he was ready to go right in.  While he went in to take a nap Krista, Anna and I made our attempt at a sand castle and then Jeanne joined us for a water fight.  We all were in our "workout" clothes and got soaked.  We acted very immature, but had the best time! :)

Ages 47, 48 and 49 for siblings Mike, Frank and Patty, respectively before we celebrated Patty's big 5-0 birthday! 

Tyler loved the southern belles in their big poofy dresses.  He was even giving kisses!

Krista and Tyler had some good bonding time on the trip. 

Patty was kidnapped and taken to the casinos for her birthday so the "kids" decided to take the ferry over to Gulf Shores and enjoy a little fun of our own. 

This is a natural gas rig we could see from the ferry. 

Tyler was ready to run while the big "kids" rode go-karts, bumber boats, played lazer tag and hit the skee ball games.  Jeanne, we are waiting for the skee ball tournament in your basement. 

Great photo by Jeanne of Zach getting me in the bumber boat battle. 

Adorable photo of Mike and Jeanne kissing under the giraffe.  Let's hear it....awwwwww!

Tyler was happy playing air hockey without the puck. 

The lazer tag gang. 

Our nights were spent at the Mobile Civic Center watching Kasey put her moves on.  She was amazing!

Cousin photo after the National Finals.
I am sad I don't have an entire group photo of all 23 of us that made the trip

Good looking group of sisters, eh?

Tyler was a tropper staying up until 9:30-10 each night (his usual bedtime is 7pm). 

Special thanks to Great Uncle Mike for taking Tyler to watch the big trucks on the highway while we waited and visited with Kasey after the show. 

I had to capture the sunrise on our final morning on Dauphin Island.  It was an amazing family trip! 

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