Thursday, July 7, 2011

Field Trip Friday - Tot Time at the Pool

I must admit, last week's Field Trip Friday was pretty low key.  The Volvo was in the shop and while we were fortunate enough to have Aunt Patty's car while she was out of town it was so HOT that the pool sounded like the perfect option.  I also must fess up that I did not break out the camera - it would have been soaked.  I had my hands full chasing Tyler into the pool.  He almost didn't even let me get his sandals or t-shirt off before he was in the water and ready to go down the slide. 

I DO have photos though of our first pool outing of the summer with Grandpa so those will have to fill in for this past week.  Enjoy photos of my little fish...

Grandpa showing Tyler how to blow bubbles.

Tyler was thinking about trying out the bubble thing.

Such a happy swimmer.

Not so much on the bubbles...much more so gulping the water. 
Good effort, Grandpa.

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