Thursday, July 14, 2011

22 Months!

Twenty two months? Already?  Where had the time gone?  I know some of you may get sick of my every month post of Tyler in the same chair, but too bad. :)  I just love watching him grow! 
I got him dressed first thing this morning so he could get ready to go to Vacation Bible School with Ms. Eillen.  First, we had to take his 22 month photo and this was his first reaction.  Priceless.  Really, mom? Again?  Isn't it a bit early for photos?

Then he started cheesing it up. 

Tyler likes to stand up in his chair so he can reach the books on the top shelf.  He also knows this is not okay.  He will even tell himself to "sit down."

Other things Tyler can do at 22 Months:
  • He can count to 20 (usually only 13 but he does know how to count to 20)
  • He can say his ABCs (I will have to post video of this - so cute!).  He struggles with "L" and likes to skip over it but otherwise does great.  We have even started pointing to random letters and he gets them right - so exciting! 
  • He CLIMBS - on EVERYTHING (including people).
  • He loves opposites - "loud," "quiet;"  "up," "down," etc.
  • Bob the Builder and Sesame Street remain his favorite TV shows, but with his recent train collection (thanks Zach!) he is also a big fan of Thomas.  We don't watch a ton of TV but I just discovered all the options On Demand that can be played at a moments notice (aka mom needs to get something herself)
  • He also says "peas,"  "thank you" and "welcome."  We are very much encouraging "help peas" when he gets frustrated with something instead of whining.  Whining is like nails on a chalk board to me.   It has been much better as of late, but I understand he isn't even two yet so I have a long road ahead of me. 
  • He loves puzzles, but that is often where the whining comes in when the piece is "stuck."
  • He attempts to do summersaults - very funny to watch, but not quite there.  I keep telling him I don't think he has the genes to be a gymniast. 
  • We are still working on using a spoon and fork properly - he would much prefer to eat with his hands (who wouldn't?).  We will get there...
  • I am sure there is lots more cool things he can do, but this is all I could think of tonight. :) 
Happy 22 Month Birthday, Tyler! 

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  1. Great post! Mike and I are loving that he tells himself to sit down! I love hearing about his development!