Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Field Trip Friday - Botanical Gardens

The Missouri Botanical Gardens was my choice for this week's field trip.  I haven't been to the Botanical Gardens for years.  I enjoy beautiful gardens and I had been told by many that it is really a pretty neat place for kids.  I have been wanting to go to see the tree that was planted in memory of my cousin, Todd Zick who passed away in February 2010 too.  Unfortunately, our trip got cut short due to severe storms that entered the area.  We thought we could just go in for lunch while it passed but it was not that simple.  We were ushered to the auditorium in the lower level for safety.  After getting the all clear, we did get to eat lunch but the rain was still coming down so we will have to make another trip to enjoy more of the Children's Garden and see Todd's Tree.  Enjoy a few of the pics we were able to capture before the rain. 

Beautiful Victorian Garden

Tyler loved this waterfall at the entrance to the Children's Garden.

Look at his excitement.

The Children's Garden had this cool slide that Tyler went down backwards.

Tyler loved ringing the bells in one of the gardens.

We leave tomorrow for Dauphin Island, AL.  It will be a big field trip to the BEACH with 18 family members.  We are sad to have to leave Dad at home, but the golf course needs him.  I will have plenty of help and it may feel like a real vacation...even with an almost 2 year old.  

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