Friday, June 12, 2015

Mardi Gras at Church

Our church has a Mardi Gras carnival/party/fund raiser each year and the kids really enjoy it.  

Dad helped Nathan prepare to shoot the Nerf gun for one game.  

Maggie and Hadley joined us at church and Hadley's favorite part was the cake! 

Tyler was pretty good at the toilet paper toss.  If only my boys were as accurate when toilet paper is not required in the bathroom all the time...! ;)  

Ring toss! 

Putt putt! 

Cake walk!  Nathan actually won a round and got to pick out his favorite treat from the table to bring home and share!  

Hadley wasn't too big on the games but she did get a "tattoo." 

It was a fun event that we will look forward to next year too!  

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