Wednesday, July 1, 2015

February Random Pics

Random is the best description for this post.  :)  

Grant got to be the only child one weekend in February when Tyler and Nathan joined my parents at the farm.  He was excited to get to have the REMOTE!!  It's the little things!  

Here is the photo we received from the farm.  I love that the kids get to spend time creating such special memories like this one. 

Working on valentines for school.  

Nathan LOVES puzzles and... pretty impressive at completing them by himself.  

"I did it."  

Grant loves books and went through a several month phase where he would pull two shelves worth of books off and sit and "read."  

We were able to attend several of Zach's freshman and JV basketball games this winter.  Our boys look up to Zach so much and they couldn't have a better example.  Zach is WONDERFUL with them and so patient to have 3 boys jumping all over him and wanting his constant attention when he is around.  
I love this pic!  

Grant got the full cheer-leading squad to take a photo with him.  We were really trying to get Hadley to take her picture with the cheerleaders but she was a bit nervous.  

It was freezing one snowy day (negative temps).  The boys insisted on going outside to play.  I took this photo through the screen while Grant and I stayed warm inside.  Thanks to Jeff for braving the cold with two crazy boys.  

Nathan was "mowing" the snow.  

Nighttime snuggle selfie.  

So big!  

15 month checkup

Grant loves taking selfies and will say "cheese" and push the button on the phone. 

My cousin, Erin, brought the boys some TMNT cookies.  They were a huge hit and were requested for Nathan's upcoming birthday (in March).  Remember I am still posting from February.  :(

Grant was a big fan of the icing.  

Always a mess. 

Bath time!  

Tyler also got to be Student of the Week in February.  This was his poster we made together.  We had a blast picking out photos together.  

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