Thursday, June 11, 2015

Valentine's Day at the Zick's!

On Valentine's Day, Kyle and Maggie...okay, really Maggie hosted a Valentine's Day party for about 14 kiddos and their parents.  There was finger painting, cookies, balloons, and the bounce house but the hit of the party was an inflatable pool full of shredded paper.  

Brody was a bit confused.  

Maggie is a bit crazy to have this shredded paper all over her basement but it was fun.  Better her house than mine. ;)  Love ya, Mags! 

Grant had fun getting in on the action.  

Cutie is accurate! 

I love Brody's blue eyes!  

And that little grin! 

A view of the room at the end of the party!  

Thanks Maggie and Kyle for hosting such a fun party!  The kids had a blast.  

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