Sunday, June 7, 2015

Nathan's First Day of Preschool

Nathan started preschool on January 5th, 2015.

As you can tell he was not thrilled to take his photo before school.  
It was a combination of having LOTS of mom and dad time over the holidays and then our ski trip so going to preschool or anywhere on this Monday morning was not something Nathan was excited about.  

I even had Tyler show Nathan how to hold the sign and smile.  No luck.  Nathan wanted nothing of it.  Nathan's photo does make for one of my favorites of his challenging 2.5-3 year old personality at times.  I don't want this blog to misguide anyone that it is all rainbows and skittles at the Francis house! :) 

I was nervous how drop off was going to go but he marched right in with Tyler, his Truman the Tiger and his backpack and had no issues.  It sure was nice to have big brother Tyler right there with him.  

Nathan has done GREAT with Ms. Angie and Ms. Liz in the Kuddly Kittens class.  We are so proud of him.  He has most of his letters down now.  When we ask Nathan what he did at school he almost always responds with "played trains and ate." He also gets really excited to make mom and dad "pictures" at school.  When he gets mad at home he often threatens "I am not going to make you a picture at school!"  While I tell him that makes me sad, his discipline still stands.  :)  

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