Saturday, June 6, 2015

Train Ride to Herman

A random morning in February (2/12/15 to be exact) we decided it was nice out and wouldn't it be fun to ride the train to Herman.  After hopping online and researching the logistics we called up Grandma and Popo Zick who happened to be heading to Columbia to watch Mizzou basketball later that afternoon so they happily agreed to drive up our Suburban and drop it off so we would have a way home.  The return train didn't leave Herman until 8:30 that evening.  Herman is fun...but there is not that much to do with three little boys all day.  

I love these 4 guys more than anything in the world!  How could you not...look at them! :) 

Tyler had his map ready.  He loves maps!  

Checking out the model trains at the train station. 

Tyler also visited the art gallery at the train station and saw the guest book so thought he should sign in.  The kid is SUCH a rule follower!  It makes me laugh.  He certainly doesn't get that from his father! ;) 

We visiting the red caboose outside as well while waiting on the train.  

Gosh, Grant was so little in February!  Maybe I should update this blog more often! :) 

Here comes the train!  

Photo (a little blurry) with "Mr. Conductor." 

Train selfie! 

They were all glued to the window during most of the 30 minute train ride.  

Nathan and Grant

Tyler wanted his photo after the train ride was over.  

We then met up with Krista and Anna who were on their way home from Columbia and met us in Herman to walk to lunch.  After lunch at Wings A Blazin' we then got a treat at the candy store, Sugar Momma's.  

It was such a fun, random train trip!  Thanks to help from my parents for bringing our vehicle to Herman and to Krista and Anna for meeting us for lunch.  I am sad I didn't get any photos of our time together!  I guess we will just have to do it again sometime! 

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