Monday, June 8, 2015

January Random Pics

Cleaning out photos on my phone and found these gems I couldn't resist sharing! 

Jeff and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary with a night out to dinner and a ourselves!  A very rare night indeed.  We had just returned from our ski trip and the holidays were over so it was a great night to just relax, have a few cocktails and reminisce about 10 years, 6 pregnancies and 3 kids, jobs, and life in general has been such a blessing!   For two kids who met at ages 14 and 16 and had a first date at the WHS Homecoming dance, life has turned out pretty spectacular!   

We got to celebrate Aunt Sandy's birthday the following night after watching Zach play basketball!  

We brought cupcakes because our boys don't think you can properly celebrate a birthday without some icing! 

Aunt Sandy even took a birthday shot!  

More celebrating that weekend for Julie's baby shower!  
My boys propped themselves up at the bar to watch some golf and order a drink.  This may be a sign of things to come in another 20 years!  
I am not sure how I don't have a photo of Julie looking stunning. 

Bedtime cuddles and milk!  

How did we get so lucky! 

We spent one of my last Fridays of not working with some some of my favorite people!  Heather and her kiddos, Owen and Amelia invited is over for a play date.  It was next to impossible to get a photo of all 5 of them sitting still, much less looking at the camera.    

At least Amelia looks adorable!  

And we are done!  
The Wades just recently added another girl, Macy Evelyn, to their clan and I can hardly wait to meet her.  

This dear friend is so wonderful!  I value our friendship so much!  

Nathan's figured it out - she is pretty awesome!  

On a much more sour note, we did have a few sick days in January too.  I was home with these two one afternoon and I sent this photo to Jeff.  We pretty much all felt just as good as we look in this photo.  :(  

Tyler was still feeling just fine and downing a partial box of vanilla wafers.  

We sent this photo to Aunt Sandy because I did finally get Nathan to eat cream!   Totally my kid! 

Our visit with our Parents As Teacher educator involved Play-Doh and scissors, not something we got to do often at this point and our educator quickly learned why...Grant kept eating the it!   Nathan LOVES using scissors though so he was in heaven!  

Hadley and Nathan are a hard crew to get down for nap...together!  It does make for some entertainment though. 

Finally out!  

This boy LOVES to eat!
Even he looks perplexed at how his plate got that way!  

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