Monday, March 3, 2014

Grant: 3 MONTHS

This post is long overdue as we are in the month that Grant will actually turn 4 months in.  Can you tell I am back to work?  ;)  I suppose it is better late than never.   
I am not sure if he could be any cuter. Clenched fists, started to earn some rolls and that grin!  Oh, how he melts my heart with that toothless smile.

I am quite fond of his big brown eyes too. 
Big smiles and giggles for dad who was helping with the photo shoot.  =)

Grant is getting a little chunk on those bones and I love it! 

He looks just a little like his brothers, eh?

Mmm...these fingers are tasty! 
Grant is cooing and we get little giggles too.
He loves to have his fingers in his mouth and really tries to get his entire fist in there
We had more not sleeping through the night nights than sleeping through the night nights in month 3 and I attributed it to a growth spurt.  I actually didn't mind the middle of the night snuggles with my little man.  I think I treasure it more since we don't get a ton of alone time. 
Grant has done really well with the new baby sitter, Ms. Michelle, and of course on Tuesdays he gets spoiled by Aunt Sandy. 
I am sure there are a lot more things that happened in month 3 but I am not going to dwell any longer and just want to complete the post.  Hopefully, I will be more through in month 4. 


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