Friday, March 21, 2014


We had a free Saturday afternoon and wanted to do something fun to get the boys running around.  We had heard great things about Myseum and you can check it out on there website here
You take off your shoes (kids do at least) when you arrive and you get to run around.  There are slides, a bounce house, lots of cool projects for kids to build/experiment with and they are all supposed to have a science centered idea around them.  I am sure the kids didn't get that they were learning about science but they learn from playing, right? 
Tyler was making his way up to the big slide that clocks his speed in mph - he got up to 9 mph on the slide.  He loved it even though I am pretty sure he does not comprehend mph. 

Magnet table with bolts and screws that you could build stuff. 

Inside the seaweed.

The seaweed is hundreds of pool noodles hung up that the kids can walk through. 

Gravity that makes music with washers on a threaded rod.

Nathan is our little builder.

My boys loved the music room. 

I especially liked the xylophones made out of old wrenches and bolts.

Scary how much Tyler loves to drum. 

Photo room.  I'll be honest, the boys didn't really care for this room too much.  After this it was back to the music room.  It may have to do with I take enough photos that they didn't really care for the lesson on light.

Over it.

Building an arch with Dad.

Ready, set...

Destruction! Tyler and Nathan love this part! :)

Cheesy smiles.  Grant was sleeping in the Baby Bjorn. 

I love this cute smile SO much!

I think we will be back at the Myseum sometime soon. 

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