Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Grant's Baptism: Part 2

More photos of Grant's special day.
Thanks so much to Aunt Jeanne for the awesome photos!  I love that we have such wonderful documentation of these memories. 
The last photo of Grant calm during the baptism.

I love the way Jeff looks at our boys.  He is such an amazing dad!

Grant's Godparents - Abbey and Uncle Greg

Yep, screaming his lungs out.  All I could do was smile and have a slight chuckle. 

I love this handsome little boy who is growing up WAY too fast!

Being baptized. 


This photo cracks me up as Pastor Paul was trying to calm down Grant. 

Pastor Leah introduced Grant to the congregation as the newest member.

Grant was still not happy about all the attention. 

Hadley was not phased.  She had Cheerios. :)

We had a large crowd of family to witness the baptism.  Our boys are SO lucky to have an amazing extended family support system.  So are we!

Grant slept through the after church greeting line. 

My little brother and I with Jeff photo bombing a bit in the background.

Did I say how much I love this face? 
Thanks, Krista, for keeping track of the Thomas book too. ;)


Do you think Grant gets any attention at our house?  ;)

I love Jeff's face when Hadley joined us and someone said "This is what your family of 6 could look like." 

I love these people. 

Add a generation.  This family sure is growing and we are excited for it to grow by another when Baby Zick #2 arrives in July!

And another generation!

Tyler is so sweet with Grant.  Moments like these absolutely melt my heart.

And then there are these...Nathan was over photos and would not cooperate for the cousins photo.  It was too good to be true for too long.

Expressionless Hadley...with her cracker. :)
That wraps up photos from Grant's baptism.  I wish more of the family would have stuck around for photos (they were ready to eat!) but I am sure for those of you who are still looking/reading may be relieved that this post is finally concluded. 

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  1. Ha! Your family of 6.... =) I do like that thought!